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Business Exchange Group

Having set out with humble beginnings, our company Business Exchange Group has many years of experience in International Liquor Trading. We associate with powerful brands that help us deliver the signature experience that people love.

Constantly driven by a firm entrepreneurial spirit, our journey is befriended by innovation and bold ideas. We have a reputation of being the premium distributors of world-class liquor from manufacturers hailing from Spain, North America, UK, Poland and Russia.

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Introducing World Class Bulgarian Vodka

KRALSKA is multiple times distilled vodka, from premium quality wheat grown up on the richest “Chernozem” soils in South Dobrudja. It is filtered like mountain air and purified like snow-white winter through charcoal and extra softens with fresh spring water, combining all aspects of the wild Bulgarian Nature. KRALSKA is produced and bottled in Plovdiv – the 6th oldest city in the world. The result is the divinely smooth and exquisitely alluring taste!

Our Expertise

Leader in B2B market

We are among biggest B2B distributors in India. We deliver products to largest retail and wholesale networks, and individual shops.

Wide distribution network

We cooperate with buyers from all around India. Our products are available in all the states and we have developed a smooth delivery chain.

Team of professionals

Our experienced staff is constantly supervising all aspects of ordering and delivery of goods.

Multiyear experience

We run business non-stop from over a decade, consequently expanding market share and goods assortment.



All our wineries use up-to-date technologies developed in France, Italy, Germany, and the USA. The Company’s equipment is annually audited for compliance with the standards applied to food manufacturers.

The Company’s laboratory was accredited as confirmed by Certificate No. SNA MD CAECP LI 02 221 of March 24, 2020. Company’s Compliance with all the legal requirements is confirmed by Certificate UNI EN ISI 22000:2005.

Currently, our products are being distributed in Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Slovakia, USA, and Canada.

Our Brand Is A Voice

Mr Subish Vasu, Chairman


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We associate with powerful brands that help us deliver the signature experience that people love.


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