Subish Vasu Chairman - Business Exchange Group

Set investment goals, now it is time to decide what you want to get out of investing. Invest early, the earlier you start investing, the better. But before you invest in something, invest in time to understand it. Investors can find themselves the victims of fraud when they don’t do enough due diligence or put too much faith in the people selling or managing a fund. The very first tip of investment is choosing a broad based investment platform. We all know that there are certain industries globally creates demand consistently . Health care, utilities, FMCG and SIN industries are least recession effected or even would benefit from a recession. SIN stock’s usually include alcohol and tobacco tend to thrive in recessions as per Investopedia reports. Basically these industries are always safe to invest by Knowing risk start now and start with broad-based investments.

who we are

Master distributors for various brands of foreign liquors. We import from various countries like Europe, Russia, Bulgaria, Scotland.We are shareholders of famous “Haddad group” where the beverage is manufactured. We have various companies linked with “Business Exchange Group “to serve the purpose of various verticals. We are also distributors of most of the FMFL brands. We have spread our business across India. We have brands available in the market which are available in outlets and has picked up the market very quickly due to our strong accomplishment and team force.

What we do

We have been major players in the beverage industry since nearly a decade and establishing our goals to spread across India by distributing our stocks at all major metro and tier II cities.