About Our Business

Business Exchange Groupis a multimillion-dollar group based in Bangalore with interests in different domains. It was founded by a passionate and young Entrepreneur in the year 2017. Our goal is to bring positive change in all our lives and shape the future using technology, values, and ethics.

BUEX strives to meet the challenges of current global social, cultural and economic needs by applying a hybrid model for a sustainable future.

  • Creating Opportunities
  • Venturing new possibilities
  • Adding a Human Touch
  • Ensuring Sustainability

Leading Us With a Vision

Our Management

Subish Vasu - The Brain Behind Business Exchange Group - is a visionary and young entrepreneur, who is set out to create and manage futuristic projects with immeasurable potential.

Possessing strong passion and experience in retail and distribution industry. Mr. Vasu has built a sustainable business that has a strong presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many other locations in India.

" Before you invest in something Invest in time to understand it"


Subish Vasu Dev