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Elegant smooth and silky, this a very sophisticated Bulgrarian vodka which is distilled multiple times from choicest grain and pristine water from the region of Plovdiv.

Say cheers with Blended Scotch Whiskey It is a blend of oak with soothing aroma with mild taste from Scotland. Yes! this is something different with rich flavor and mellow singular taste.

The LADOGA Group was founded in 1995 in St.Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays LADOGA is one of Top-10 biggest spirits companies in Russia. The company has its own alcoholic beverage factory.

Our journey began on a warm summer’s afternoon, when we stumbled across the idea of infusing a simple fruit tea with distilled gin. Following the positive reviews amongst our friends and families, we then decided to develop the experiment into a global business.

A honeyed, malt-driven blended Irish whisky from Ha’penny, named after the Ha’penny Bridge across the River Liffey in Dublin. Mellow and packed with vanilla, barley and spiced fruit, this will work handsomely in mixed drinks and cocktails.

KVINT is a winery and distillery based in Tiraspol, the administrative center of Transnistria. Kvint products are certified ‘Made in Moldova’. Founded in 1897, the company produced only vodka until 1938, when it began producing brandies. Its commercial enterprise in the region.

We are Haddad Marketing Group (HMG) Company based in Jordan producers of international standard alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we ensure to incorporate the best quality raw material and experienced team of experts with good manufacturing practices to produce high-quality drinks.

The first and only Russian porter in a bottle with a bugel cap, voted as the best according to buyers and experts. Pale, caramel and roasted malt combination makes it possible to achieve rich dark color and distinctive aftertaste inherent for classic porter types. Alcohol – 8.0%. Shelf life – 180 days..