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KRALSKA is multiple times distilled vodka, from premium quality wheat grown up on the richest “Chernozem” soils in South Dobrudja. It is filtered like mountain air and purified like snow-white winter through charcoal and extra softens with fresh spring water, combining all aspects of the wild Bulgarian Nature. KRALSKA is produced and bottled in Plovdiv – the 6th oldest city in the world. The result is the divinely smooth and exquisitely alluring taste!


KVINT is a winery and distillery based in Tiraspol, the administrative center of Transnistria. Kvint products are certified ‘Made in Moldova’. Founded in 1897, the company produced only vodka until 1938, when it began producing brandies. It is the oldest still-operating commercial enterprise in the region


MOLDOVA is famous for its wine but also for hard liquors. Among those of a special note is Calarasi Divin Brandy distilled by a methodology similar to that used by French Cognac Makers. The Calarasi wine and spirit brand has been established since the late 1800’s aand include vintages
from 3 to 30 years of age.


VP Brand International has a 75- year old tradition of spirit production leadership in Bulgaria and the neighbouring region. Over the years they have grown strong by consistently investing in the future and going beyond all limits. They today have business spreading across five continents and over 88 markets. Their products include Wine, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy and Cocktails.


Ladoga’s products were awarded with over 60 gold medals in different international competitions. Vodka “Imperial collection Gold” – the export international brand name of “Czar`s vodka” – became an absolute leader in the number of awards among Ladoga products. In particular, Ladoga’s products got medals in such alcohol drink shows as International Review of Spirits, Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards, The Vodka Masters, Monde Selection, Superior Taste Award, Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition, Prodexpo, United Vodka, Russian vodka & drinks for American market, BestVodkaAward, ANUGA, Vinexpo, SIAL, Moscow Wine & Spirits Competition.